Why the Scale is Making you Fat!

Its seems its has been ingrained in our heads that the scale is the tell all/be all indicator of what good health is..

I beg to differ! 

At the end of the day its just a number! And having helped 100’s of people in the community take control of their health I’ve learned that the scale can sometimes do more harm than good..

When we start our Fitness Journey and start putting in the work to get to the best version of ourselves, some of us are still in the habit of constantly weighting ourself..it has become almost obsessive. When we hop on the scale and it doesn’t give us the number we would like to see, a roller coaster of emotions sets in,then followed by discouragement and self sabotage after that..

All this does is stress the psyche out, which stresses the body out and in turn ACTUALLY makes it harder to lose weight.. 

Now with that being said here are a few things the scale will NEVER be able to measure..

  1. The Body Fat you just dropped 
  2. The Inches you just lost
  3. The 2 pant sizes you are down
  4. The fact that you have more energy to run around with your kids and do the things you once enjoyed.
  5. The Strength you’ve developed
  6. Your Self- Confidence has gone up
  7. Your Clothes fit better 
  8. You feel better when you look in the mirror
  9. The Compliments you are receiving from friends, family, and co-workers.

This is the priceless stuff that must be celebrated but the scale tends to make us disregard all of it.. 

So my advice to you is this…

Ditch the scale, forget the number and celebrate your wins because I guarantee there are may of them! 

And always remember that the journey to a healthier you is a marathon..not a sprint. 

Yours in Strength & Health,


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