Why Mobility Matters…

 8 Reasons Why You Should Practice Mobility

Recently, Unleashed Strength held a mobility class for its members to show them the importance of training to be injury free. We tried a variety of poses centered on improving mobility while also focusing on stability and flexibility within four danger zones. During the class, we explained that the ankles, hips, thoracic and shoulder areas were the most prone to injury and poor quality movement. So we started from head to toe, moving through poses and assisted resistant band movements. Lastly we ended the class with a foam rolling routine that the clients can do after every single workout.

So, how does mobility practice benefit you in the long run?

Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Practice Mobility:

  1. Practicing mobility improves spine health. If back pain has ever been a factor in your ability to workout then mobility is something you should’ve been practicing yesterday.

      2. Mobility drills can activate muscles that have been weakened due to long periods of sitting.

      3. Constant mobility practice over time preserves joints and breaks any sort of imbalance between muscle and joint.

      4. You can lift heavy weights more safely due to joints being properly mobilized (results in faster fat loss).

       5. You will move better doing daily life tasks.

       6. You will perform better and with more energy during workouts while becoming resilient to the work your body endures.            Its important to recognize it is not a good idea to always feel wrecked after a workout. Sure it can mean you will be sore and            it turn makes you feel like you worked hard enough but it can also be an underlying warning for future injury due to muscle            imbalance and poor joint range of motion.

       7. You will experience faster recovery.

       8. Become injury resistant by being able to use every single muscle of your body to move with resistance.

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