Rejuvenate and Refresh!

This Trip was one for the books!

Manny and I and the rest of the crew embarked on our journey last Wednesday morning and first stop was Santa Barbara!

Parked on the beach, Rented some bikes, explored, ate at one of the Local food spots, got a workout in, then checked into our hotel for the night!

This whole trip was centered around visiting friends up the coast who own gyms and checking out their facilities to find out what what we can be doing better and implement to bring more value back to Unleashed Strength, better the service, and get our clients faster results!

So the next morning we headed straight for San Jose to visit one of our friends gyms and then from there another friends of our facilities who owns a gym in Napa!

After that the next 3 days were spent in San Fran with family and that time consisted of some more exploring, laughing and enjoying each others company.

What I loved most about this trip was the reminder it entailed..

This trip was a reminder to myself that life isn’t about the hustle and grind 24/7. Its about enjoying the fruits of your labor with the ones that mean the most to you from time to time..

It was a reminder of how important finding balance in your life between obligation and duty, family, and passions can be.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do! But I think we can all be guilty of getting caught up in work mode, overwhelming ourselves and lose sight of doing the things we once enjoyed and valued.

So always remember to take time to yourself and escape for a few days to find inspiration, do the things you once loved, and refresh and rejuvenate!

Because the better you become, the better you can serve!

Talk soon 🙂

Yours in Strength & Health,


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