Last weekend Manny and I took a few members up to Big Bear to train for a Spartan race we have coming up at the end of October.

A few of them had gone up Friday night and had planned on staying through the whole weekend and myself and few others drove up early Saturday morning to train just for the day and head back to Corona..

Saturday morning we arrive at 630am, run in the cabin, wake everyone up to get ready and off we go!

Now as far as the intinerary is concerned for what the day would entail, I have left that up to Manny(Since he has already taken them up there before to train and this is my first time) and I’ve already made the assumption(My fault, I know) that we would be hiking, then doing a workout together in the woods and then head back to the cabin to make some killer Pumpkin Protein Pancakes​(My specialty) and enjoy each others company! 🎂

And that’s exactly what happened! Buuuttttt…there was one thing I didn’t account for..

Keep Reading! This is where it gets good!

We hopped in our cars and headed over to the hiking trail, parked, and made our ascension up the mountain..

about 40 minutes in, Manny drops the ball…We are standing at the base of a rock and he says “Okay guys we are going to climb up this rock and at the top you can see all of Big Bear lake. But if you’re not comfortable with this don’t do it because one slip and you can potentially die!” 

WHHAAAAA!? What happened to the hike and a workout!? ha!

Well folks, you’re probably wondering what I’m “terrified” of? And yes, you’re right, its HEIGHTS!

Now heights is terms of roller coasters? No Problem! Ill go to Magic Mountain all day. In terms of flying on a plane? Ill go anywhere! Even a hot air Balloon? Been there, done that, and actually a lot of fun!

But standing on a ledge, on top of a building or ladder..Terrified! ha

Now to get to the top of the rock you have to use a rope to hop over to one rock, and then pull yourself up onto another, then hop across to a higher rock, climb over that one, and then your over looking Big Bear.

Simple enough right!? Ha!

Well everyone did it and everyone did it fairly easily..No way Im backing out now!

Keep Reading!

I Make my way up to the top with everyone else..faint of breath now..and now the freak out begins haha I sit on my butt an go dead quiet..

Obviously..Everyone notices…Ah ha! Trevor has a vulnerable side

Now what happens next is pretty cool..

Naturally, everyone shows concern, their all checking in on me, giving me tips on how to overcome my fear. Even at one point Eric goes “Trev, Lay down on your back and look to the sky. Spread your arms and legs out and get all 4 points of contact. It should help.”

What do you know! It did! Some of my nerves and anxiety went away and it gave me the courage to now make the trek back down the rock first chance I got..When no one was looking of course

I made it down to the bottom and A few minutes later everyone followed. We then made our way back to the our cars, then to the cabin, and then the Pancake celebration begun!

You’re probably wondering what the point of this story was? This is the point I’m trying to make..

In life, there are going to be things that you encounter that your maybe unfamiliar with, don’t know much about, or maybe even fearful of..

And in my own experience every time i have stepped outside my own comfort zone​, there has always been a positive outcome, a lesson to learn, or even my perspective changed for the better.

Whatever negative thought manifested in my head prior of what I thought the outcome was going to be never happened, and if it did it has never nearly been as bad as I thought it would be.

Being on that rock was scary but i had an overwhelming amount of support, surrounded by people giving me words of encouragement, people willing to lend a helping hand, giving tips on how to overcome my fears etc.

And That’s what we have at Unleashed Strength. This experience reminded me of that..

Prior to your first session ever with us, all of you were made the decision to step outside your comfort zone, embrace unfamiliarity, and overcome your fear of not knowing what to expect..

You have chosen to surround yourself with with people who have the same goals, people who support you, encourage you, inspire you, who are willing to lend a helping hand, and motivate you to be better.

As long as we continue to embrace this process of a newfound healthy lifestyle​ and always remember to welcome challenges, face fears, crush self doubt, and step outside our comfort zone.. I guarantee a positive outcome, a lesson to learn, or a new perspective on life will be waiting on the other side..

Now time to go make some Pancakes 😜 Happy Hump Day!

Yours in Strength & Health,


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