Halloween Sabotage! 🎃

Tiffany and Brittney Wilson had a fabulous time at Unleashed Strength  last night! ha!

A few months back a few of our members suggested Manny and I dress up as White Chicks. So we figured Why the heck not!

Last night when we showed up, some of our members didn’t even recognize us!

Once they did the reaction was priceless! We shared some laughs, and put some smiles on their faces so at the end of the night the pain of wearing high heels was totally worth it!(Much respect ladies!😜​)

After all the fun last night I know everyone was going home to stuff their faces with all kind of candy/chocolate goodies.

Believe me, I know, the snickers just about did me in! ha!

And always remember, it’s okay to indulge here and there on a special occasion.

You’re not going to become overweight because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, your birthday or any other holiday alone.

It’s all the foods in between that cause weight gain! It’s what we eat, and what we do with CONSISTENTLY that matters most.

If you eat healthy, low sugar and processed foods 80% of the time, and you are exercising 3- 4x a week you’ll make progress towards your goals.

If you need a hand accomplishing this then we got you covered!

Maybe our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program might be just for you!

We have an easy “eat this, not that” type of meal plan to follow, fat burning workouts, and a new accountability system that will all but insure your down 5-12lbs by Thanksgiving.

Not bad right!

​We hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween!

Yours in Strength & Health,


PS: Three days left to register for our 21 Day Beginner Boot Camp​.

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