Do You Have Support?

This past weekend Manny and I were in San Diego for our quarterly meeting where we get together and network  with a core group of fitness professionals from all around the world and learn from each other on how to grow our business, add more value to our service so we can better serve the community

We have been in the group for over 2 years now and the one thing we can attribute most of our success to is the unconditional support we receive from this group. Its a group of like minded individuals working towards the common goal of help people take control of their health and fitness and make the biggest impact possible. 

If I have a question in terms of marketing or sales I can pick up the phone and call someone or post in a private group we have on Facebook and it gets answered.

If I’m having a bad day and need someone to lean into for a pick me up, I can count on one of them to be there.

At the end of the days it’s really a family where we learn from each other, push one another, encourage and help one another, motivate and hold each other accountable to reach our goals and produce the outcome we want. 

Having that “support” is crucial for our success.

You might be thinking “How does this apply to fitness?” Ill tell you, Keep reading…

Build a support team!! This is one of the marching orders I give our members when they first start their fitness journey with Unleashed Strength..

They have unconditional support here with us but we only get them a few hours out the week. I ask them if they have that same support outside the gym? Do they have it from their spouse? Their Family? Their Social circle? Their co-workers? 

If you are surrounded by people who aren’t of aware of your fitness goals, the outcome you would like to produce and if they aren’t health conscious or on the same path of health and fitness then it will be 10x’s harder to reach your goals. 

The key to building the support you want with these people is to open up to them about what you want, be transparent, let them know what your fitness goals are, why your starting the journey, what your struggles are etc. 

Be vulnerable…

These people love you and should have your best interest at heart. If they hop on board and “support” you, then we have gotten one step closer to ensuring your success with your health.

And if they don’t….Well, then you might have to re-think your association or at least filter that relationship.

Support is a key pillar to reaching your fitness goals. Build support around you and I guarantee you will reach your your desired result and outcome much faster. 

Yours in Strength & Health,



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