Do You Apply Yourself?

There is no one size fits all..There is no black and white..There is no universal plan..

There is Hard work, Consistency, and the Application process.

Application process? Well, Ive tried many different meal plans and training regimens under the sun… and “DOING” and Taking “ACTION” and “APPLYING” is what gets results..

Often times a lot of us get in the habit of info collecting and over analyzing.. paralysis by analysis kicks in and then there is no applying..

When you apply, you get a result. Maybe its not the one you wanted but its data. Its a lesson learned. It’s progress. Its data you now have to make a decision for your next move and you can now tweak, critique and correct course as you go.

You apply, collect the data and then find out what works best for YOU!

Fitness is a never ending journey and there is much to learn and experience. And while I’m passionate about fitness I’m even more passionate about constant progression, and fitness is included in that.

So here’s what I say to the person reading this that is wanting to start their fitness journey..

Just Start..The start is what stops people and if you get that step out of the way then it’s just a matter of embracing and enjoying the process from there.

Work hard..Stay Consistent..Apply, Apply, Apply.. and watch the results follow 

Yours in Strength & Health,



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