10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Health Immediately..



10 Simple Steps to Improve your Health Immediately

1) Be in bed by no later then 11pm with lights, Tv and all devices off. Refrain from thinking stressful thoughts when in bed. 99% of the time our worst fears are just imagined and never happen.

2) Wake up 30 minutes earlier then the time you usually do. Take your time, have a healthy breakfast, visualize your day and enjoy a bullet proof coffee or a tea. The start of your day sets the theme for your whole day. Make time for yourself to be “awesome” all day.

3)  Incorporate Exercise in your life daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. Everything around you in your life will exponentially improve.

4) Don’t associate yourself with negative conversation or gossip at work or with friends. Either walk away or change the subject. Negativity breeds negativity.

5) Smile when you can, hand out a simple compliment. Not only will you make the other persons day but it will instantly make you feel better as well.

6) Make time to meet with a friend and share some laughs, even for 15 minutes. Positive social interaction is crucial for happiness.

7) If something is troubling you or has been upsetting you for a long time. Fix it. Only then will you get peace of mind.

8) When disciplining your children, instead of raising your voice. Kneel next to them, place your hand on their back and whisper nicely in their ear. You will experience a lot less resistance..

9) Eat a well balanced eating plan. You are what you eat and your mood is dictated by it 100%. Cut down on starch, sugar and salt. Don’t overthink it.

10) Limit Television to 1.5 hours a day..spend quality time with your children, spouse or just enjoy a walk outside. Life is simple, we just make it complicated.

Yours in Strength & Health,

Trevor & Manny

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